Spiritual values

Officially established in 2010, ASG Corporation (ASG) currently operates in three sectors including Logistics, Aviation and Infrastructure. With a solid background in aviation logistics, as one of the pioneer creating business model of “Off-Airport Cargo Terminal” in Vietnam, ASG has established and operated a valuable business network with logistics centers at international airports, industrial parks, and key cities across the country. Through a network of 22 subsidiaries, over 2,000 employees and service centers across the three regions of Vietnam, ASG has achieved significant accomplishments. ASG is recognized as a renowned and trustworthy partner of high-tech manufacturers, international airlines, and global logistics provider in Vietnam market.
In addition, ASG has gradually enhanced its position through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investment and development of large-scale projects, constantly improving its synchronized service chain, building infrastructure and providing professional services. These efforts stem from the desire and strong determination of ASG to help customers and partners enhance their production capacity, markets accessibility.., to conquer challenges, achieve success, and contribute sustainable value to the economic development and industrial growth of communities and the Nation.



ASG will grow in harmony with our stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, community and Vietnamese economy.

Vision & Mission

Through excellent services and constant investments in our people and facilities, we aspire to bring our best and add significant value to every key milestone of customers and business partners.