Warehouse management solutions (WMS) are inherently less interested. Most businesses, from large to small in Vietnam, put more emphasis on the issue of “trusted by someone”, rather than “need a standard solution for management”. Therefore, Excel is still a key tool in updating inventory data.


On the side of the solution provider, most are IT companies that only focus on what functions they have but do not have a deep understanding of the operation to interpret customer needs with the system’s features.

Here are 10 criteria for businesses to consider when choosing a WMS solution, according to a report from Gartner experts, compared with the features available on Smartlog’s SWM (Smartlog Warehouse Management) system.



1. Is it easy to deploy and suitable for technology world trends? The current mainstream trend is Cloud computing, Mobility.

Smartlog’s solution can be deployed very easily regardless of which ERP solution the customer is using.


2. Are there extended functions such as personnel management in the warehouse, work schedule management in the warehouse?  Dock management? Managing stock reordering?

Smartlog develops more functions in response.



3. Is there an improvement in warehouse operational efficiency?

Smartlog understands the design and operation of the warehouse, so it knows which options need to be added to improve warehouse operation productivity.



4. Is there easy connection with other logistics management solutions such as Transport, customs declaration?

Smartlog has the strength of available transportation management (STM) solutions, which can be easily integrated with customs declaration solutions.


5. Is it convenient for users?
The core of warehouse operations today is people. Therefore, Smartlog’s solution brings convenience to customers, for example, integrating with Light-picking, Voice-picking solutions, supporting many types of hand-held, counting inventory by ipad/Tablet, .. to improve productivity for warehouse operators.



6. Does your WMS solution cater to Warehouse automation?  The client needs to integrate tools such as Voice picking, Pick to light, automated carousels and/or robots. Then, the WMS needs to “talk” to the above tools through WCS (Warehouse Control System).

Smartlog has successfully implemented the Pick to light solution in the retail industry, currently being a Local partner of Gray Orange (the function is similar to Amazon’s Kiva robot).


7. Is the WMS solution really simple,  because the needs of businesses are sometimes extremely simple, such as to replace excel files in import, export and inventory management?

Smartlog will have an ultra-compact module to serve specific groups of needs, for example, inventory management of raw materials in restaurants, hotels, bank budgets, spare parts / supplies warehouses in factories.


8. Does the solution provider know what the business is doing?  For example, will a business in the fashion industry be a little different from a business that manufactures jewelry, or electronics?

Smartlog has a lot of experience in the fields of: logistics, apparel, assembly plants, consumer goods factories, retail, so it will meet many different needs, first of all speaking the same language. with enterprises in warehouse management.


9. Does WMS software produce intelligent reports?  Can productivity be measured? Is there a way to pick goods in batches for efficiency? Is it convenient to schedule and assign tasks to each employee?



Smartlog has successfully developed an integrated dash board system with more than 50 important reports to serve decision-making. When using Smartlog, the user will be the active person in creating reports without depending on the reports available in the system.


10. Is the WMS solution supported globally?

Smartlog is capable of providing multilingual WMS solutions (depending on user needs) and a network of partners deployed in Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore.. should be confident to provide solutions. legislation in different countries.

With Smartlog, the Smartlog WMS solution is designed to meet a wide range of customer needs with extreme flexibility, fast deployment, and is closely linked to improving warehouse operational efficiency.


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